A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

IMPORTANT: Due to EXTREMELY poor optimization on my part, it is recommended that you play on the "very low" preset/play on a lower resolution.

Freefall is a unique take on dungeon style games. You fly throughout a cloudy world, picking up items and defeating dungeons along the way.

This game was made in 3 days for the GDL July Jam.

How to play:

Press Q to activate your jetpack, then hold space to fly upwards.

Pick up items from Altocumulus clouds with E.

Fire weapons with MOUSE1.

Start dungeons in Cumulonimbus clouds with E.

The storm wand is the only weapon in the game right now, it has 5 charges.

Health and Fuel can be regenerated from Altocumulus clouds, you can also find storm wands there.

Go inside the stone box in the middle of Cumulonimbus clouds to defeat dungeons. Make sure you have a few wands beforehand though.

Install instructions

Freefall.zip includes 2 folders inside, one for Windows and one for Linux. Feel free to delete the folder for the platform you are not on.


Freefall.zip 119 MB


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a melee attack would be nice if you run out of wands